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Logging In and Out

Logging in and out in linux can be done through several methods:

Using the Desktop Environment

Logging In
1) Walk up to an empty computer terminal in a linux computer lab and press any key for the computer to wake up to get started.
2) Enter your CS username in the username box.

3) Enter your CS account password in the password box.

4) You are now logged in!

Logging Out
1) Press the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

2) Click logout towards the bottom of the menu.

3) You are now logged out!

Using SSH Remotely

Logging In
1) To remotely login to a linux computer using ssh, you will need an ssh client to use. On windows you will need to download a ssh client while on mac or linux you can simply open up the terminal that is included by default. Some recommendations for windows ssh clients include:

2) In your terminal (or ssh client) type: ssh [CS USERNAME]@best-linux.cs.wisc.edu, then press enter.

3) Enter your CS account password and press enter.
*Note: your password will not actually be visible, however, it is still being typed in.

4) You are now logged in, the terminal will look like the image below.

Logging Out
1) Type logout in terminal.

2) You are now logged out!

Written by: Daniel Amusin, Derek DeCramer, Nikhil Thammadi