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Prompt of the Week: What is the monster hiding under your bed?



Author: Anonymous, 05/02/2019 @ 13:49:59
I have a history of finishing in 2nd place, and the losses keep piling up. In need of a moral victory.

Author: Anonymous, 04/28/2019 @ 17:02:04
Breaking convention slightly here, but to the spirited runner - running is not a waste of time. If you dig it, by all means, keep on running. Fly! Explore, embrace, enjoy. Experiences that empower, fuel, restore, or inspire you are never a waste of time. In my short time on the planet, I’ve learned the only constants are change and difference - we come from different places, different upbringings, heck, even different genetic makeups. The fellow being edgy may not have experienced the glory of a run that both grounds and elevates your spirit. In short, please keep running and hold your personal bucket near and dear! What makes you feel alive is never a waste of time - what you choose to do with your time on the planet is precious. To the other two folks, I feel you. I don’t have answers to make what you’re feeling any less agonizing (though, man, I wish I did!), but I’ll offer you this - every single activity you do could theoretically be done by someone else; the only thing that is uniquely yours — and therefore, your most remarkable asset to the world! — is how YOU uniquely do it. No one, not even the most “skilled” or “talented” person on the planet, could be YOU. So please, for ALL our sakes, cherish the remarkable impact only you can make by showing up as YOU, with your unique set of genes and life experiences. The world will keep spinning regardless, but we’re all better off with YOU bringing your unique flare to all you do. To answer the question, the monster hiding under my bed is the reality that I can’t separate my identity from others. I live to make life easier, better, brighter for others. That’s what brings me the most joy and fulfillment. Without the opportunity to share and enjoy life in community with others, I’m not sure what I would do. Numerous go lks I love and respect challenge me to care about myself for my own sake, and I have the hardest time with that - still trying to figure out how. In the meantime, the monster lives on and I feel trapped by my own mental wiring.

Author: Anonymous, 04/09/2019 @ 15:54:19
I worry that the Imposter Syndrome that I feel almost every day of my life has more truth to it than people say it does. Am I as smart as they think? As kind? As important? Do I deserve to have the roles, the privileges, the awards that I do? What will happen when they finally realize that I'm not everything they think I am?

Author: Anonymous, 03/24/2019 @ 20:42:11
That everything I’m doing is a waste of time. That time will run out and I won’t have amounted to everything I want to be. At a previous job, we were sharing bucket lists. I revealed mine and some guy was being edgy and was like “so you’re just going to run around in circles until you die?” To which I was like “haha, yup, I guess!” Immediate spiral. Running is my purpose. Not really to be the fastest, but to explore as much of this beautiful earth with as many beautiful people as possible. I *really* hope it’s not a waste of time.

Author: Anonymous, 03/24/2019 @ 20:15:41
The feeling that I'm not good enough. Oh so many experiences keep trying to put me down. Degrade my self-worth and my mind. When I stop focusing on the task at hand and think of the bigger, my mind travels back to that lowly feeling. The feeling that I'm not enough for other people. The feeling that I'm not enough professionally. That I'm running a race where I was late to the starting line. Trapped in a vicious cycle. I know I need to shift my mindset. It's easy to run my own race when it's just a short jaunt. But when it feels like life is on the line how does one not get caught up in the comparison game?

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